Title: Expectation, made in 2015 in France, size: 147cm x 90cm, price 600 euros

Driving the local roads, I am fascinated by roundabouts.

I like the way an effort is made to transform (by creative planting and sometimes the addition of a building or decorative feature) what is, after all, a dead space into something representative of the regional character or spirit of place.

I wanted to make a series of paintings in which each of these artificial landscapes was a new kind of idyll.

During the time I was painting these roads and intersections, I was hearing and seeing a lot of news and documentary reports of uprooted people in France and elsewhere. People at the ‘Jungle’ camps in Calais and at the borders of the European community.

By a process I can’t fully explain or rationalise, some of these  exiles and migrants found their way into the roundabout idylls.

It’s a naive idea, but I wanted to give them a home.