Title: Deltebre

I count myself very fortunate to be living here in the Haute Vallee de L’Aude. There are many reasons to be grateful. Not least, the amazing variety of really beautiful places.

My feelings for this richness of environment are quite independent of the fact of being a painter. As a resident and a walker, I remain enchanted by my surroundings through all seasons.

Why then am I so nervous of the ‘landscape painting’ per se?

Maybe because it seems so given, so pre-conceived. A beautiful view, beautifully rendered……what could be more straightforward?

When I see a lovely water colour or oil-painting of a landscape, I take pleasure in it. It impresses me with its apparent simplicity, though I know it takes great skill to achieve this impression.

There must be a streak of perversity in me, because in my own pictures I avoid the simplicity of beautiful views.

  I am ravished equally by a sunset seen through pine trees, light falling on a stone and a hole in the road.