Painting Bur DubaiTableau Bur DubaiPainting Group PortraitTableau Group PortraitPainting Balloon SellerTableau Balloon Seller
Painting Happy New YearTableau Happy New YearPainting TarpTableau TarpPainting WallTableau Wall
Painting Gravel Evening LightTableau Gravel Evening LightPainting Weight LossTableau Weight LossPainting CityTableau City
Painting RashidiyaTableau RashidiyaPainting Long Blue FenceTableau Long Blue FencePainting White LadderTableau White Ladder
Painting HouseTableau HousePainting SandTableau Sand
Painting Construction 2Tableau Construction 2Painting New RoundaboutTableau New RoundaboutPainting Fence 2Tableau Fence 2
Painting ReplantedTableau ReplantedPainting ConstructionTableau ConstructionPainting Green FenceTableau Green FencePainting Al QuozTableau Al Quoz
Painting DitchTableau DitchPainting Balloon Seller GouacheTableau Balloon Seller gouachePainting PauseTableau Pause
painting Balloon Seller gouacheTableau Balloon Seller gouachepainting PileTableau Pilepainting Balloon Seller gouacheTableau Balloon Seller gouachepainting Trucks
Tableau Truckspainting BinsTableau Binspainting Balloon Seller gouacheTableau Balloon Seller gouache
painting HotelTableau Hotelpainting SaltTableau Saltpainting ArrivalTableau Arrival
painting Blue Fence 2Tableau Blue Fence 2painting DeliveryTableau Deliverypainting SofasTableau Sofas
painting Depot 1Tableau Depot 1painting ExpectationTableau Expectationpainting Depot 2Tableau Depot 2
painting IslandTableau Islandpainting DishesTableau Dishespainting Sentinel
Tableau Sentinelpainting Fence 3Tableau Fence 3painting HydroTableau Hydropainting Heaps 2
Tableau Heaps 2painting Road 3Tableau Road 3painting BugarachTableau Bugarachpainting Free Gaza 1
Tableau Free Gaza 1Painting 9 Winter RoadsTableau 9 Winter RoadsPainting Free Gaza 2Tableau Free Gaza 2Painting Free Gaza 3
Tableau Free Gaza 3Painting Winter Road 1Tableau Winter Road 1Painting Free Gaza 4Tableau Free Gaza 4Painting Winter Road 5
Tableau Winter Road 5Painting Road 1Tableau Road 1Painting Winter Road 6Tableau Winter Road 6Painting Mistletoe
Tableau MistletoePainting Winter Road 7Tableau Winter Road 7Painting Force et LumièreTableau Force et LumièrePainting Winter Road 8
Tableau Winter Road 8Painting DeltebreTableau DeltebrePainting Winter Road 9Tableau Winter Road 9Painting 16 Seconds
Tableau 16 secondsPainting Sun and ShadeTableau Sun and ShadePainting 16 Seconds 1Tableau 16 Seconds 1Painting 16 seconds 2
Tableau 16 seconds 2Painting-16 seconds 3Tableau 16 seconds 3Painting 16seconds 5
Tableau 16 Seconds 5Painting 16 seconds 6Tableau 16 seconds 6Painting 16 Seconds 8Tableau 16 Seconds 8About the artist Michael David Bosworth
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  • Visual artist living and working in the Haute Vallée de l'Aude region of France. The work is mostly oil on canvas, often large format, figurative, distinctive in colouring and choice of motifs.
  • When I am asked why I paint the things that I do, I say "I paint what I see". That, of course, says everything and nothing. I work from photographs, often photographs I have taken myself.  I am already thinking about the painting before a photograph is taken. So, to "see" anything at all is already an act of the will.
  • The process of choosing or composing an image, which might take a long time, is akin to an assertion of values.   I'm always examining the ordinary and everyday, in the hope of arriving somewhere else.